This week we bring you seven new Ambassadors from very different walks of life – a writer, fashion photographer, a professional actor and many more. They will be going around their cities, meeting our incredible hosts and sharing content on their unique experiences.

If you’d like to go on city adventures and have a penchant for writing and creating content, you can join these ambassadors! Application is still open, click here: Apply to become Verlocal Ambassador. 

A big welcome to this week’s ambassadors, let’s meet them:

Student & Instagrammer @nycdopefoods

I’m Nancy and I have lived in the most amazing city in the world, New York City, my entire life! The best thing about being in Manhattan every day is the opportunity to explore, my favorite thing to do. I am a HUGE foodie and co-owner of the instagram account @nycdopefoods. I also LOVE tweeting about my adventures and crazy thoughts (@nancslay). I am thrilled to be a Verlocal ambassador and experience new things in New York! If you love exploring and are ever bored in New York or need some suggestions be sure to hit me up!

Paul Verlocal Ambassador

Paul Joseph
Professional Actor

My name is Paul Joseph Estioko and I am a Philippine-imported human currently residing in San Jose, California. I enjoy the great outdoors, love DIY creations, and am an adrenaline junkie. My choice of drug to remedy this is the performing arts. I have been a professional actor/performer since adolescence and haven’t looked back since. I look forward to immersing myself to the myriad of activities in Verlocal’s roster. 

Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Natalie. Or, just Nat. Even though I hated Nat when I was like eight. Mostly because it rhymed with things like rat and fat and mat. Nat the fat rat lies on the mat. You can see where this is going … It obviously demonstrates my early love of wordplay and high capacity for creative thinking. Whaddup, 1996.

I’ve been told I could sell ice to an eskimo and that my laugh is infectious. These things make me smile. What else makes me smile? Good wine, unapologetic flowers, dancing in crowds.

I love to travel, experience new things, meet new people, and observe the world around me. Basically, I’m just passionate about life. And, ever, ever curious.


After more than two decades in New York City, I’ve adopted Los Angeles as my new home and am anxious to explore all it can offer. From learning local history to expanding my creative skills to discovering new passions and pursuits, I’m excited to discover how my relationship with Verlocal will enrich my life and allow me to get the very most out of living in Southern California.

UX Designer, Content Strategist

Hey! I’m Keta – so excited to be here! I’m from Philly + New York. I love helping children figure out what their dreams are and helping them to achieve their goals. And I’m super nerdy – like so nerdy that I GEEK out over volcanoes and oceans. 

Fashion Photographer & Organizer

I am a fashion photographer and event organizer with a love for travel and exploring new fun places.My husband is a geologist and his job keeps us traveling. During his time off of work we like to go out and explore whatever city we are in at the time. I am excited about Verlocal. It is definitely something the community has been in need of for quite some time.


Hello, My name is Tola and I have many obsessions. Fashion, food and art are the most exciting of these obsessions so I decided to start writing about it (rather than boring my friends). My love for food is very understandable; I’m human, I need it to live and it’s amazing. Strangely, I remember when I fell in love with fashion. It was when I first gazed through the September issue of Vogue in 2003. Nicole Kidman was the cover girl and all the editorials were perfection. I would flip through it weekly, thinking there was a page I might have missed. Eventually, I taught myself to sew using my moms sewing machine and followed my dreams of immersing my self in the world of fashion all the way to college.

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