The last time I ran into Gloria, I was in Brooklyn at The Woods. In high school I looked up to her because (1) she was older, and (2) she had these bold visions for the future life she hoped to cultivate. She and I chatted briefly about what we were up to, and among other popular topics to touch upon when running into people—dating. Her no dating policy as a young 20-something had me surprised, especially when years later, she had a wedding and was married!

Gloria and I chatted via Skype about meeting her husband Jon through a mutual friend Sam, putting together a wedding in a few months, and her bridal moment in a small boutique in upstate New York. This is where she found a wedding dress for $1,000! Read more on the modern day romance, the creative’s, family members and friends that made this day so special.


On Dating 

dating-texts-2-weddingBefore finding Jon, Gloria would have a similar scenario on most of her dates, “Every time I would go out with someone, my friends would be like, ‘oh so how was he,’ and my response every time, and people said this at their speech at the wedding, was always, ‘we had fun, but he’s not my husband.’ That was the criteria… at the end, it would be a feeling, a gut feeling.”

Gloria and Jon were introduced through a mutual friend who found out they were both Christian, creatives. Jon, a photographer and Gloria, a stylist. After her experiences on dates with others she was a little scared by her dates with Jon, “I told him, when I was talking to you I was like, this guy’s my husband, and that’s a scary, weird feeling considering I’d spent all these years being like, ‘eh, you’re not my husband.’”

 On the Proposal

ring-weddingThe proposal went “extremely well,” she shared. “Around my birthday, Sarah Mendelsohn, invited me to get brunch with Gigi Hadid, because Gigi Hadid was the face of Maybelline, and at the time I was working at Maybelline. She was in California, working with Gigi on an event and she was like, ‘oh she wants to get brunch the next time she’s in New York, do you want to come?’ So I was like, hell yeah, so we put something on the calendar.”

What transpired was very different than a brunch! Gloria found herself on the rooftop of Salvation Taco, called the Pod 39, but instead of Gigi or Sarah, she was there with Jon who had photos and pictures of the two of them, along with flowers, gave a speech and got down on one knee and proposed. Gloria describes the rooftop as a hidden gem and compared it to the set of Romeo and Juliet. Luckily the gem *cough, cough* diamond was sourced by the owner of Diamer Jewelry, Erin Brown months prior.

On the Venue 

Cow-venue-weddingThey had been looking at venue’s that didn’t speak to their relationship. A relationship that was full of many dates and time out exploring cute towns, and the nature spanning the northeast. Gloria proposed getting married in the backyard of Jon’s home in Connecticut to celebrate their love of the outdoors. But when they approached Jon’s landlord named Chris, he offered a bigger and better option, Chris said, “’yeah, but why don’t you get married at my parents house? They have a bigger backyard.’”

Then Gloria headed to Ridgefield, CT to visit the property and get a better feel for the opportunity to host their wedding. She felt like she’d landed upon her dream venue, “They have a pasture and a mini cow, and sheep and barns and stable and a pool, and it’s just like a little paradise there.” The venue was the perfect option for them, because they hoped to facilitate an environment where guests didn’t have to feel stuffy and uptight.
Branches-Tent-weddingInstead their guests had entered the most fun house party anyone had ever gone to. All Season Party and Tent Rentals decorated the space with the essentials from the dance floor, to the tables and silverware! Chris even fetched branches and ivy from his parents to wrap around the poles and archways of the tent to bring the outdoors in.

The owner of Ciao Catering of Two Steps Downtown Grille, was a heavenly treat. Tom Devine worked with the couple to blue print where the tables would go. And importantly, how to optimize space for the event to run smoothly.

On The Aesthetics 

floral-weddingWedding planning picked up significantly once they had a venue picked out. Jon and Gloria used Wedding Paper Diva to craft their invites, select the colors, personalize the paper and finish they hoped for. They were able to customize the invitations to match the secret meadow wedding theme they had come up with for their guests to enjoy.
The secret meadow themed wedding brought together the nature present at Chris’s parents home, that now doubled as their wedding venue. Due to the elements of nature that spanned the backyard of the beautiful Ridgefield home, the floral centerpieces were to be in a similar fashion. Merging the two aspects of who both the bride and groom are was important, Gloria went into further detail, “I like the juxtaposition of rustic but pretty, too much pretty makes it very, very feminine and then we’re going to lose Jon. But if we have rustic, outdoorsy elements then that brings Jon in.”

About Designs florists worked with the couple to create focal points for the tables, “our centerpieces were these beautiful pedestal vases of mercury glass, which is very pretty, has like a silver dappled look to it, with overflowing flowers. But on top of a slab of bark, so it was pretty but there was this rustic quality.”


On the Attire

In order to deck out the wedding party in a comparable fashion, the bridesmaids donned magenta dresses, and the guys wore blue suits without ties. Except for the groom who stepped it up a notch by wearing a pink tie.

dress-imageAs for Gloria, she’d never spent time dreaming about her wedding day. When it came time to pick out her dress, she wanted to wait until the end of the summer when white floor length dresses would be on sale at Bloomingdale’s: “it’ll be a bridal gown, because the bride is wearing it, and I’ll save money, and that’s what I’ll do!” But after a while of trying on dresses and calculating the time needed to tailor the dress, nothing was working out.

During an engagement party thrown by her soon to be in laws, she was convinced by Jon’s family to head to Something Bleu Bridal boutique in upstate New York. To her surprise, this spontaneous trip to a small boutique upstate ended in taking home a floor length, tiered, eyelash lace gown from France. She realized, “now that I’ve tried this dress on, I can’t go and get a clearance dress at Bloomie’s, it just won’t do.”

On the Wedding Snaps 

regal-photo-weddingWith Jon being a photographer, it was important to figure out whom they’d entrust with their wedding photos. Luckily, Jon’s friends had just eloped and had these wedding photographers, Aaron and Whitney, that shot photos different from the typical, more commercial look. Gloria described their style as, “darker, more organic, saturated colors, they do a lot of playing with light, very cool and atmospheric,” and better yet—the photographers had just moved to Brooklyn, so they were local and available to hop up to Connecticut to capture their wedding.

As the photographers captured the evening, a DJ was provided a list from the couple of do-not play list, and a must-haves list to match the different moods for each part of their night. Gloria and Jon are both inspired by music. When it came time to craft the music for the night, they spent road trips adding songs to different playlists to prepare for their big day. The cocktail hour where the music was more upbeat and indie with tons of choruses, and dinner was R&B groovy, sexy music for people to somewhat dance to in their seats, but also enjoy their food.

They stayed away from playing the party music that most people identify as semi-corny party songs like the Electric Slide or the Cotton-Eye Joe. The two made their way to the dance floor to share in their first dance to the song, Grows Old by Thirdstory.

On the Modern Twist

The couple views marriage as a promise to another person that they can count on to help them be their best selves. They wanted to be able to fully commit, so they attended pre-martial counseling, did homework with one another and read books together, like The Meaning of Marriage, which made sense for the couple about all the things they might achieve with one another as life partners.

family-photo-weddingWhen Gloria entered the church, she chose an atypical song instead of the wedding march, called, Holy Spirit.  With the hope that the intensity of the covenant they were coming into would be emphasized. Throw in a worship song sung by two of Jon’s college friends at the front of the church, and the wedding ceremony was complete.

For the party itself, they decided not to throw a wedding bouquet into the crowd because, “I don’t believe a wedding is an achievement, so I’m not going to single out single women, and be like, you need this, and this will happen to you next.” Gloria and Jon also decided that their introduction as a couple was to include Gloria’s name; therefore instead of the typical, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cospito, they stuck to “Johnathan and Gloria Cospito.”

When asked about their goals for year one of marriage, Gloria shared that, “through our marriage we want to inspire each other and help each other become the best versions of themselves.” Cheers to the newlyweds, forever Cospitos.


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