It’s not that you need any reason to eat chocolates, but Valentine’s Day serves as a great excuse to splurge on some gourmet chocolates! Los Angeles has quite a few of wonderful chocolate stores that you can treat yourself and your loved ones to. Here are the best chocolates from LA’s local chocolatiers to impress your sweetheart with:

1. ChocoVivo

From ChocoVivo

ChocoVivo uses the traditional stone-grinding method to make their chocolates – just like how the Mayans and the Aztecs made them 2000 years ago. They’re not refined and don’t have milk powder or cacao butter added, but instead ChocoVivo blends their chocolate bars with whole ingredients like almonds, cherries, sea salt, and coffee.

Address: 12469 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles California 90066 


2. Compartes

From Compartes

Compartes is perhaps the most successful of LA’s local chocolatiers. They’ve even opened a store in Japan! Beyond the quality of the chocolates and the fun flavors, Compartes is also known for the designs of the truffles and their packaging. They are offering special Valentine gift boxes and flavors, but their Love Nuts should also not be missed.

Address: 912 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles CA 90049


  3. John Kelly Chocolates

From John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolates doesn’t make your usual chocolate truffles. Instead, they make “truffle fudges”. This chocolate coated fudge – but these aren’t your traditional fudge, either, the rich creaminess is somewhere between a fudge and chocolate ganache!

Address: 1508 N. Sierra Bonita Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046 (near Sunset Blvd. and La Brea)

 4. Ococoa

Filled with natural nut butters, Ococoa‘s dark chocolate Butter Cup collection has been named as one of America’s best chocolates by Bon Appetit Magazine. Don’t forget about their truffle and caramel bars, though. The caramel bars are filled with melt-in-your-mouth Irish Whiskey, Tawny Port, or honey liqueur caramels.

Address: B&K Sugar Arts Lab, 2835 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90034


5. Valerie Confections

From Valerie Confections

A local darling, Valerie Confections is known for their petit fours, pastries, and of course, chocolates. In fact, Los Angeles Magazine named Valerie’s chocolates as the best in LA after a blind taste test. They offer a large variety of treats, from salt and pepper truffles to toffees to chocolate dipped fruits.

Address: 3360 W 1st St, Los Angeles California 90004

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