“I soon realized that many people would benefit from my location and I decided that in order to save such beautiful areas I’d need to share this place with as many folks as possible. My sustainable, low impact, way is one that is needed by our culture.”

When a decision to move into a secluded area turned into an opportunity to rediscover his love for nature, Cliff of Back Country Excursion, found a calling in his life to start sharing about the beauty of Mother Nature to others. His passions motivated him to heighten the appreciation that people have for the natural community in a sustainable manner that caters to different needs and interests. Keep reading to learn about Cliff and how his classes helped individuals to walk the off beaten path!

Hi, Cliff! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about the classes that you offer through Verlocal?


Hello Verlocal community,  my name is Cliff Krolick. I’m one of the new guys on the block and wanted to share with everyone what Back Country Excursions will be offering.  Our main stay is adventure vacations for folks looking to be active while learning a new sport and being bathed in the solitude and beauty of nature.  

Tell us about your background: When did you first become inspired to do what you love?

Inspiration back in the early 1970’s led me to move into a semi-wilderness region in Maine on the NH border in search of what my soul was missing.  I soon realized that many people would benefit from my location and I decided that in order to save such beautiful areas I’d need to share this place with as many folks as possible.  My sustainable, low impact, way is one that is needed by our culture.  For me it’s more about sharing , re-gifting/ re-growing then it is about extracting.  I guess that I’m a staunch environmentalist

How would you describe the link between your classes and the community around you?

Our adventure lodge is located in the quiet foothills of the White Mountains of the New Hampshire and Southern Maine border.  From here we organize guided tours for all levels of riders.  If you’re novice, no worries!  if you like to ride a bike and like physical activities, our instructors will provide you with a Mt bike, make all the comfy adjustments, and teach you the important basic skills to have fun and be safe while riding on trails that match and suit your ability.  If you’re a seasoned Mt biker you will love our extensive singletrack terrain.  We have a fleet of bikes with many of the bells and whistles and have designed a portion of our trails specifically for novices to learn the sport while also having fun with some challenges.



What made you want to pursue your passion and become a host?

I’m passionate about the natural community and Mt biking.  A deeper passion for me is about sharing this sport in a manner that just about anybody that is active will be able to have fun, learn, and enjoy it.  I like seeing folks get the bug/twinkle in the eye when they get it and why this sport is cool.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn more about your passion?

If you are interested in Mt biking go get instructions.  I wish Mt biking was similar to downhill skiing.  Ski areas offer a range of instructions, but it is difficult to find competent instructors for Mt biking and trails that are appropriate for your skills.  I’m also passionate about growing local food and share my organic garden whenever possible. I am particularly interested in Regenerative business, protecting our planet and holding a place of respect for all our relations.  My hopes for the future is to turn this center into a cooperative regenerative sustainable business ran by a larger community of folks.  

What does Verlocal mean to you?

This is a one-of-a–kind adventure vacation center that offers excitement, solitude, and on numerous weekend evenings, we often host national singer-songwriters that stop by from time to time to do a show.  Our base offers a variety of accommodations(lodge rooms, a group Yurt, and campsites.  Travelers here mix in a variety of ways, very similar in style to a hostel.  We offer kitchen priveledges, wood-fired hot tub,  Large comfy game room, Kayaks, Mt bikes, and family style home-cooked meals.   Join our community of like-minded travelers on a recharging vacation.  I believe that Verlocal offers an exceptional opportunity for small businesses, crafty people, and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.



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