Spring cleaning is about to be in full swing, are you ready? It is the time of year when the sunlight will directly hit my closet. This means that I cannot avoid the mountain of clothes that I’ve simply ignored all winter.

So this leaves me with the question, “What should I do?”

Think in colors, textures and patterns


Okay, I get it. You went a little stripe and chambray crazy. The past few seasons have made life pretty tough not to. But it is the time to prioritize because let’s be real–you’ve only worn three of those stripped tees in the last year.

Go through this same process for colors, textures, and patterns. No need to have a troops worth of camo clothing.

Swap then donate Spring clothes


The new Yoga routine and dance classes have paid off. Phew! Now that you’ve slimmed down by tightening and strengthening, time to slim down that wardrobe too. Bring over a glass of wine and a giant plastic bag of giveaways to your friend’s house. When you get there, decide what you’ll trade and barter for.

Think: I need navy trousers for work. And, think: I do not need another olive green romper. Start from there and see what gaps in your wardrobe you can fill. Anything outside of what you or your friend absolutely need, DONATE.

Storage bins = Get rid of it

Okay, so I might be writing this one for myself. There is a collection of storage bins under my bed of clothing that I wear…sometimes. Now, my recommendation for everyone is to donate all of those things immediately. In practice, however; I find myself holding onto these items as though I will combust without them.

For this last tip, let’s just say we’ll all TRY and work on getting rid of those pesky storage bins. They are probably a good indicator that you don’t actually wear these items. Bag em’ up and ship em’ out!


As we usher in the new season (and a new wardrobe), do you have any other Spring cleaning tips you use to finally LET GO? Be sure to comment below!

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