Article written by: Anne Wright

Working in chocolate every day you’d think I would get tired of eating it. But how can I when there are so many varieties and fantastic chocolatiers out there doing amazing things? I’m always up for some chocolate, even while I’m picking up my groceries or running errands at my local pharmacy.

With Eastertide happening now, your local stores will be stocking up on more varieties of chocolates than on your average Tuesday. So what is the best way to capitalize on this chocolate Easter bounty? When you’re in the candy or Easter aisle, try to spot these chocolate brands for some better quality chocolates to fill your basket!

  1. Chauo Chocolate
    17309487_10155860191205828_7676195846096289127_nPhoto Credits: Chauo Chocolate

If you must grab chocolate from your local CVS, look for a Chauo Chocolate Bar. Chauo chocolates are finally being sold at major retailers across the U.S. and are great chocolate bars! Started by two Venezuelan brothers in S. California, Chauo bars feature some fun and unique flavors like their Fireworks bar! Not only does it have a little bit of chili for spice, but also pop rocks for a nostalgic pop of flavor! Don’t miss out on their potato chip bar or my favorite, honeycomb.

  1. Jacques Torres
    17807482_10155184262763205_247118680630517074_oPhoto Credits: Jacques Torres

When I was old enough to appreciate chocolate, my Easter treat was never a chocolate bunny off the shelf. Instead, I purchased a chocolate pig from Jacques Torres! These little piggies are sure to make your Easter much brighter, thanks to their adorable smiles, bright flowers, and amazing taste! If you are looking for an Easter-themed animal, he also sells chocolate lambs, chicks, and ducks. But a great twist on the classic Easter Peeps, try the chocolate covered bunnies and studly tuxedo-ed chicks! And now that “Mr. Chocolate” has opened a chocolate museum in his SoHo store, I may have to return to NYC for a weekend and revive my chocolate tour at least one more time!

  1. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups
    17834891_10154819469760141_8863224321050034217_oPhoto Credits: Justin’s

While Justin’s doesn’t quite have an Easter-themed chocolate product, most Whole Foods carry their peanut butter cups, often up by the registers. Rather than the artificially-flavored and sugar-packed alternative, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups are a slightly healthier version of a favorite childhood candy. Their nut butter are thoughtfully produced and are a higher quality product. Wrap that in some chocolate and it’s pure heaven!

  1. UnReal
    16143528_1237393102995415_8190475503083352208_oPhoto Credits: UnReal

While I’m not particularly a sports fan, when you live in New England the name Tom Brady gets tossed around a lot (much like a deflated football!). Boston-based candy company UnReal got a bump from this sports celeb back in 2015 when he endorsed this candy startup’s product. UnReal aims to take the junk out of your junk food while still letting you indulge in a sweet treat! Another sweet part of this story is the company was founded by two teenage brothers and their father back in 2008. If you’re missing that traditionally wrapped candy in your basket, pick these up instead.

  1. Lake Champlain Chocolate

    17800320_10155237876139106_5023408662402734347_nPhoto Credits: Lake Champlain Chocolate

If you just need some chocolate Easter eggs in your basket and find those super-sweet Cadbury eggs too much, I would suggest Lake Champlain Chocolate eggs as an alternative. Like the Switzerland of the U.S., Vermont does a few things right: dairy, skiing, and chocolate. Set on the border of New York, Vermont and Canada, Lake Champlain is an idyllic getaway spot and best of all, you can tour their famous chocolate factory in Burlington! Move over, Ben and Jerry! In fact, author Steve Almond of CandyFreak raves about the Five Star Bars from Lake Champlain. So take mine and Steve’s word and pick some up for your springtime celebration!

Want to start on your chocoholic adventure? Learn to make chocolates with Anne if you’re in Boston, or check out local experiences in your city to sweeten up your Eastertide season now!

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